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Special Shaped Diamond Painting DIY 5D Partial Drill Cross Stitch Kits Crystal Rhinestone Of Picture Serial Diamond Embroidery Arts Craft

Product description:

  • Tips: This is diy diamond painting, not finished picture, need you finish it by yourself.

  • The canvas size is 40x40cm

  • Note: Compared to the traditional cross embroidery, our kits take use of the

  • man-made diamonds setting skills. It is an increase of efficiency and eyes protection.

  • Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch,and more beautiful.It is easy for anyone without knowledge

  • of drawing to fulfill a classic artwork. you will enjoy the fun of the manufacturing.

  • Diamond Painting Kit Item Incldes: painted with canvas, color rhinestone beads, plastic plate, clay, small plastic bag and accessories storage box.

  • Notice: If this is your first time to buy diamond mosaic or the first contact, please read the following instructions:

  • 1. Please DO NOT put the canvas folding, lest the co-occurrence crease.

  • 2. Please DO NOT pull the transparent paper on the picture one-time, tear apart the half of it first to protect the glue from losing viscous.

  • 3. Please DO NOT put the diamonds in place where children can easily access, so as to avoid being swallowed by them.

  • 4. Please put it in the flat table when producing it.

  • 5. Some of these diamonds are defective due to process problems. For the overall effect, please choose diamonds.

DIY Diamond painting production steps:

  • 1. Open the bag ,Un cover tape drawing above, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the color coding.

  • 2. View the resin diamond color, arranged in order of coding.

  • 3. According to the corresponding color coded clamp the corresponding the resin inlaid diamonds.

  • 4. Suggested that one type of the resin diamond one set completed faster.

  • 5.Splices need flat against the neat, do not have cracks.

  • 6. After all pasting is done, put it in your selection of a suitable framework (the product does not include a frame).

Package includes:

  • 1 X Canvas

  • 1 Set of diamonds

  • 1 Set of point drilling toolsJCH90314685_2019031402435601471JCH90314685_2019031402435667371JCH90314685_2019031402435671871JCH90314685_2019031402435771071JCH90314685_2019031402435881871JCH90314685_2019031402440091271JCH90314685_2019031402440300671JCH90314685_2019031402442069271JCH90314685_2019031402442541871JCH90314685_2019031402442634672


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